feature requests

Custom Sort Feature Request (2)
Privacy Mode auto off timer (16)
Change Mode on Web App (3)
Ability to change the device connection across all cameras via app (2)
Ability to have multiple schedules for Night Mode (6)
Inverting a mask (2)
Optional switch off live stream light (3)
Disable notification light at the bottom of Canary "all-in-ones" (4)
Sound Sensor - alarm notifications (15)
Password manager integration (4)
Tiered service plans (2)
Real Google integration (1)
Different settings for multiple devices (2)
App for Gear smart watch (1)
Optional Use of iOS Critical Alerts (1)
Navigate videos via webpage (1)
Mute Audio Feature (3)
Can you purchase an outdoor sign? (5)
Wink, Amazon Echo, and Stringify integrations (2)
Better downloads for subscribing customers (9)
Set when updates happen (1)
Multi Camera View (3)
Smarthings Integration (20)
Quick Review feature - easier way to quickly review all alerts in a day (5)
Motion V Person notifications (7)
Alarm / Notification to be Sent if Camera is Moved or Touched (2)
Data Privacy: two-factor authentication (3)
Email & Text Alerts/Notifications (6)
[Accessory Request] Secure Base for Canary AIO and View (3)
The Ability to create Motion Zones ( 2 ) (29)