feature requests

Chirp when recording begins feature? (2)
PoE (power over ethernet) Cameras (3)
Limited number of "votes" for feature requests (3)
New feature in Webversion (3)
Development of a sensor for open door (or integration of an existing) (2)
Echo show compatibility (15)
Requesting an easier way to download videos (9)
Data Privacy: lock out multiple password failures (1)
Longer power cord for Flex (14)
Automatic siren (15)
Switch to Night vision triggers false notification. Debounce switch (3)
Rotating image for Canary flex (3)
Flex, Low temperature poor or no performance - heater? (5)
Masks for Canary Flex (3)
Save bandwidth by reducing frame rate and resolution (3)
History Management (3)
Google Home integration (4)
[feature request] Future Canary Devices Include Offline Storage (19)
Notification / Alert option that continues sounding until cancelled (14)
Test Mode - Push notifications (1)
Reduce Geofence radius? (6)
Two-Way Audio? ( 2 3 4 5 ) (96)
Postpone feature? (1)
Solar panel technology for Flex (9)
Please add filter to view just videos with Notifications sent (4)
Please make Canary the best device out there! (2)
Allow app to rotate 180 degrees on iPad and I phone (1)
Add Notification Icon on web app (2)
Re-evaluating the Costs for Two-Way Talk? (3)
Track and export HomeHealth data over longer periods of time (10)