24/7 Video Recording


Currently trialling both a Canary Flex & Nest Outdoor Cam,
one of the things I really like about the Nest software, it records 24/7 - not just motion alerts.
And then I can quickly scrub through an entire day’s video in short order.

The benefit being that, relying solely on the motion alerts, sometimes things are missed - ie, the beginning of the “action”, sometimes no motion is detected at all and nothing is recorded.

The other benefit being, that the Nest can capture those serendipitous moments as well - not just security wise.

Does Canary plan to at any point allow full video recording from the cameras?

Permanent record option

I must admit, I would be a fan of this but I have no clue how that would be done given what it would take in regards to upload space and bandwidth, but if it was possible, I would love to have that option.


I’d buy subscription for this feature. They could cut it in 10min for you to download then you could join it back together.


I’m a paid subscriber, would like this feature as well.


Not quite sure how to achieve- but would like the ability to review last 24hrs (as a security measure) regardless of private mode.

I would be happy to pay for this.

For example: we don’t record in home mode - but if my son hurt himself badly I would like to review footage.
But we don’t want it displayed on timeline if in private mode…


Hi @Bates,

I’ve gone ahead and merged your comment into a similar feature request. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


Hey @Bates - just to clarify, are you looking for a mode where Canary records video but doesn’t automatically appear on the timeline unless you were specifically request this video?



For me. I’d like to the Canary to be recording video 24/7, storing however many hours/days on a rolling basis. In addition to the motion alert recordings that happen now.

Oftentimes, the Canary will miss brief activity for whatever reason. If there was an option to record non-stop, this would ensure greater accuracy of detecting activity, etc.

The way Nest does this. It has a similar timeline feature, but it calls out each ‘moment’ of activity. So that you scroll through the past 24+ hours of video recording, but each ‘captured’ moment is explicitly marked on the timeline, with a thumbnail of the activity. This sounds similar to what @Bates is asking for. where, you dont see EVERYTHING recorded on the timeline - only specific moments of activity, but that entire timeline is available to scrub through.


Hi Dave,

Yes - kind of. But I would like it to be an additional background mode.
So My request is a bit counter intuitive. Similar to @copey I want the ability to review material for the last 24hrs but not in the timeline if the primary mode is set to private.
I.e. I want the Canary to record content Regardless of if I have it set to private in home mode or any other mode.

An example. If I am attacked in my home with the Canary in home mode (that is set to private) currently my Canary is useless.

Hope this makes sense,

To administer
I would expect to turn this on as an extra setting (as I know other people want private to ACTUALLY be private).
And possibly have to access the content in another way , or to only be available to one user…


is there still a plan for this feature? we have a Yi Home camera (way cheaper than my Canary) that record outdoor footage 24/7 and still alert me when there are activities.


Nice option. Would love to see it in a next version.


This would be a fantastic feature, as I’ve noticed that sometimes Canary can start recording late or stop recording part way through motion or when people are walking so unless this can be fixed really the 24/7 recording needs to be an option, as this happens semi-regularly.

Because of this it does make me worry if anything is being missed. So it would be great if 24/7 recording could be introduced, hopefully in a similar way to how Nest have implemented it on their system even if there was a slight increase in subscription cost it would be worth it for the peace of mind.


I’m a current subscriber but will be canceling my account to switch to Nest. Would love to continue using Canary, but 24/7 recording is a MUST for my retail store. Video cuts out even while someone is standing right in front of the camera, and I’ve had a few thefts that I unfortunately can’t prove.


I would like to vote this up.
I’ve also thought about the scenario where my girlfriend or I were attacked at home. The Canary cam wouldn’t have recorded any of the footage.


Frustratingly (to my recollection) before they monitised the features the recorded scenes used to be much longer.

Any updates?