Ability to change the device connection across all cameras via app


I changed my home wifi network and realized that the only way to change wifi on devices is to set up each camera individually. Had to climb ladders to get to all 5 cameras. NOT fun.


Hey @unlimited_lifes,

Unfortunately I am not sure that this is technically possible. When you change your WiFi settings every device must re-connect to the router. If there was a way to bypass those additional security settings and allow multiple devices in through the WEP/WPA/WPA2 router settings it would defeat the added security gained by changing your internet setup.

Although I agree it can be a pain to re-connect all your devices (and as someone who relies not only on cameras but also smart switches, smart outlets, smart power strips, and smart lights that all individually connect or use their own hub to connect with) I understand how annoying it can be.

That said, the security I know I have from my internet is important to me, and if I could just change the password on one device and have them all work, that would be a problem as well.