Ability to download events via computer with a "Batch" option

 I would love to be able to download/bookmark/delete events via my computer, and especially with a "Batch" or "select multiple" option.   Having to go through and load each event, then request the download, then wait for the download to initialize, then go back in and actually download the event via the mobile app is a pain.  If you factor in the fact that you have to then connect your mobile device to your computer and then transfer all the files, it becomes even more of a time consuming headache.  

 Having the ability to download/bookmark/delete via the web with a more streamlined functionality (IE: Individual events/devices having their own simple "download", "bookmark", and "delete" buttons),  would make it much easier to burn those files to disc or load to removable storage, to provide copies for legal and insurance purposes.  Additionally, it would keep users from having to "free up" memory on their mobile devices to accommodate the space required for the downloaded files.  Especially considering since you can't download the feed from just one device in an event, if several devices recorded at the same time.