Ability to have multiple schedules for Night Mode


It would be nice if the Canary App provided you with the Ability to create multiple schedules for Night Mode for example one for the Weekday and one for the Weekend since I wake up later on the weekend.


That’s a great idea!


That’s a really interesting suggestion! Beyond being able to customize the Night Mode by day of week, are there any other options you’d like to see for Night Mode scheduling?


My thought is similar to this, but a little different. Now that I have multiple Canary devices I could see a benefit to scheduling Night Mode by device as well. For instance, I may want my outdoor Canary Flex to go into night mode when I come in the house (say 10 pm), but since I may stay up for another hour I don’t necessarily want my Canary View in the living room to go into night mode at 10 but maybe 11 instead.


I would be satisfied to be able to set specific days-of-the-week mode scheduling, but device specific scheduling would be an amazing feature.


Device specific night mode schedule would be great. Please implement this as an option Canary.