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would very much like to be abled to switch off/on the infa red lights feature


Alarm.com integration would be nice!


How about a double tweet for a person notification? Right now, there is no differentiation between cars and people.


I really want samsung smartthings integration/support.


It would be nice to have a user phrase that signals the Canary device to start recording. There could be a process for users to record their own phrase.

My wife and I do not like the idea of having the canary active when either of us are home, however, if the person who is home feels they quickly need to start recording (stranger comes to the front door), they can say the phrase.

Canary would need a “listening” mode on/off. This way users can feel safe from eavesdropping devices.


It would be nice if you can delete multiple recordings at once. So you can select te once you want to delete and delete them together.