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This is probably a silly question. I added my daughter to system as she vests frequently, when we aren’t home. She set up the app on her phone so she won’t set off alarms when one of us isn’t home. Now she wants her own system. Will she have any issues with setting up her account? Also can she just have the household on mine & not be pestered with my kitties moving around the house.


Hi is canary membership immediate when I pay for the annual subscription or will it take a few days to kick in. Thanks Steve


I live in Belgium and I try to active a membership with promocode. Code seems to be used, but when I press “Activate membership” I only get a mail that my payment details were updated, but nothing about “membership activated”. Membership stays inactive. I tried this in the browser, I tried by phone, but nothing works. No error messages also, I only stay in the same screen with the button “Activate membership” after I pressed that button. What is going wrong?


Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry to hear about the issues you are encountering when signing up for Membership. Due to the nature of this issue I’m going to go ahead and have one of our support agents reach out to you via email so we can discuss this further, and find the root cause of the issue.

You should receive an email here shortly from support@canary.is.