Access Through Web Page


When I try to access my Canary cameras from my work computer, I just get a spinning circle. Occasionally I can get the Live View to work, but saved videos on my timeline never load. This problem occurs regardless of using Mozilla Firefox or MS Edge browsers (Chrome or Safari not available on this computer). Further, when trying to access Canary videos on my computer at home, there are very long delays between when I attempt to access the live view, and when it shows up (if it shows up at all).
At work, I cannot use my cell phone, so access on the web page is essential. Does anyone else have similar issues?



Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about the issues you are encountering with viewing video via the webapp. While we do generally recommend using Chrome, I just tested Firefox and was able to load both WatchLive and Timeline videos.

Do you encounter these issues at all with the mobile application or does it seem to be isolated to the work computer? I would also recommend trying the webapp from a computer at home to see if you encounter the same issues there. My bet is that there is something with the work network causing the issues getting the video to work properly.


Hey @atomasin, what computer and OS are you using? Any chance that you are running a beta OS?



The computer I am having issues with is an HP workstation, running 64-Bit Windows 10 Enterprise. The OS is not a beta to the best of my knowledge. Our current security policy doesn’t allow for Chrome. I have available Firefox ESR 52.8.0, MS Edge 40.15063.674.0, and (of course) MS IE 11.1155.15063.0.

Watch Live works some times (after multi-minute delay to start), and often times will not come up. Watching a saved clip does not work at all. I do not have these issues at home (also on Firefox, but on Windows 7), nor do I have issues with the app. However, I am unable to have my cell phone at work, so viewing over the web client is my only option.


Hey @atomasin, it sounds like wherever you work has a number of security protocols in place (as they don’t allow for the use of certain weak apps). Given that it does work under similar conditions at home, I wonder if the issue could be due to some security protocol that is in place system-wide at your place of work. Is this something you could check with someone from your company about? It may be as simple as getting them to allow the site to be fully accessed.

It’s also worth giving it a shot without any extensions enabled on your browser (if you have any). I know I have had issues with 1Blocker, AdBlock Plus, and Ghostery loading pages similar to Canary’s, if you have any of those apps (or others) it’s worth turning them off and seeing if that resolves the issue as well.

Beyond that, it would be deeper into Canary’s architecture than I can go to give any further details about what may be causing this issue.