Access to diagnostic logs


I’ve contacted canary support a couple of times whilst owning my AIO and Flex to help in diagnosing an issue. Both times the fix has been relatively straightforward (e.g. Reset the device, address wifi signal dropouts) but I’ve not had the information to make this assessment.

It would be really useful to provide access to some limited logging, e.g. Via the website, to enable people to self diagnose issues. I suspect this would reduce the burden on Canary Support significantly, particularly given the big majority of Canary users will be at least a bit tech savvy.

It sounds like all of this information is captured server side already, so just a filtered query over it is all that would be required. My router, SmartThings hub, etc all do this.


Old post I know. I’ve actually asked for logs from Canary so I could see when watch live was accessed. They stated they could give me that despite obviously having that info…sketch.