[Accessory Request] Secure Base for Canary AIO and View


As a Canary View and Canary AIO user I have enjoyed the ability to easily place my devices on any surface. However, I have a cat who loves to remove my AIO and View with her paws from their respective shelves.

I have managed to secure one of my devices with some jury-rigging effort, but it is not 100% secure, and not an ideal setup.

This is a request for an accessory that would mount an Canary AIO and Canary View to a surface. I would imagine this being done with a mount or base that would rest in or attach to the bottom of the AIO and View.

I would also recommend the use of (or at least compatibility with) 3M Command Strips to secure the device to a surface, but allow for easy and safe removal from surfaces (rather than, or in addition to a more permanent option).

Other features I would love to see in a base mount:

  • Color options (Black or Clear, black would allow for the light on the bottom to be hidden while in the mount, clear would allow for that light to be shown through the base)
  • Ability to secure the power cable to the back of the Canary Device through the rear of the mount.
  • If it cannot be attached directly to the Canary AIO or View base, then perhaps use of a tight fitting rubber ring or something of that nature would allow for easy application and removal.
  • An extra option would be to have the base have a screw mount on the bottom that could later be useable with a wall-mount.


If you have a 3D printer :slight_smile:



haha, I wish! That would be very cool to 3D print, but sounds like it could be made without too much difficulty then!