Advance Bookmark


Let’s say I want to pre bookmark the time my dogwalker comes & goes: if the walker is scheduled to walk my dog from noon to 1pm tomorrow, I’d find it convenient to preset a bookmark for noon to 1pm tomorrow. Or preset the time tomorrow from 4a-8a to be book marked to see if any Assisted Living staff enters my father’s Assisted Living apartment - the times are book marked in advance. There would be many other instances. Thanks


The goal of this would be that you could review this specific footage? Or do you have a different goal with it?

I guess I could see it being similarly useful if you know someone is over and you will want to review the footage down the road?


Yes. To be able to review the specified footage. My dad is in assisted living & gets meds between 10 & 11a - there have been problems & if this time slot was bookmarked in advance I got go directly to this specific block of time.
Also, advance bookmark 6-8a to see if staff is entering - the ability to go directly to the desired time block(s) would be most efficient. Thanks