After setup, I can't get to dashboard



I recently completed setup on my canary All in One HD Camera. It was successful and after setup I set my schedule and the app gave me a tour of the home screen etc etc.

I closed the app and reopened it and I was presented with the setup journey again. I tried to set it up again because that was all I was able to do but it said my device was already activated and wouldn’t let me continue.

Everytime I open the app I’m presented with the “Select Device” screen to start setup. I can’t get past it or redirect to my home dashboard, so I can’t actually use my canary.

Any advice?


Hi @matthazley,

This sounds like an unusual situation, and I think it would be best for you to talk directly with our support team. Can you please open a ticket including the serial number of the Canary you’re trying to setup and your account email?


Thanks, I will do this!