Alarm / Notification to be Sent if Camera is Moved or Touched


As far as I’m aware the Canary All-in-one doesn’t feature a gyroscope or any sensors of that sort. But most of us know that there’s a I guess touch type sensor on top of the Canary that’s utilized during the setup process.

But I was wondering that maybe later on through a firmware update, that if someone touches the camera (say a robber) and coincidentally touches the top part, it’ll send an alert to family members that have access to the camera notifying them “Canary has detected physical movement of the device” or even the ability to trigger the alarm automatically.

Thanks for reading this!


Hey @TaddyGeek,

The Canary AIO (the non-original one that requires a cord to set up) and View does have a touch sensor on the top, but no where else on the device. The Canary Flex does not have a touch sensor as far as I am aware. As a result, none of these device have ‘full coverage’ of the device that would allow for notification on a touched device.

That said, a few different options do already exist that would satisfy a lot of what you’re looking for, though in a slightly different way.

  1. The AIO, Flex, and View can trigger notifications if disconnected from their power source. So, if your device is moved any distance farther than it is connected to, this will trigger a mobile alert. The only situation this does not cover is the Flex on Battery Only mode, for which, I point you to item number 2 or, to purchase the Canary Flex Secure Mount which would make moving the device very tough.

  1. All of the devices also will of course trigger on any motion of the image. Any movement or hand, etc. that crosses the visual field will trigger this. That includes if the camera is moved, that will trigger a motion alert which can be set at different levels of sensitivity.

So although the exact functionality you are suggesting isn’t there at the moment, and might be hard to implement, there are ways to get similar security already in place.