Alarm Notification


I have just set up a Canary but I’ve noticed the Notification tones are incredibly quiet. If I was asleep, I wouldn’t hear it go off. Would it not be possible to choose our own alarm through either the ringing tones on our phone or custom ones created by yourself. My issue is that if someone was to break in, I wouldn’t hear the Notification if I was asleep. I also notice sometimes when testing there is a long delay in receiving notifications. If my property was broken into, I would only receive a notification once the person / persons stops moving. Would it not be possible to get al Alert as soon as Motion is detected. Thanks



Couple quick questions: Which Canary device are you using?
I generally receive alerts when they occur or within a minute - how much of a delay are you experiencing? What mode is the camera in when you receive it?

As for the alerts, Canary allows you to change your alert tone, are either of those sufficient for your needs?

Hope this helps!


Hi Zev, I am using the Canary All in One. I’m experiencing about a minute delay. When I receive the Alerts they are in Away mode, the alerts delay is also the same in other modes. I only receive the alert when the person / people stop moving.

In regards to the Notificatoosn tone, it’s either the Canary tone or the normal Phone tone. It doesn’t allow us to choose our own Tone / Alarm like say a Ringtone would. If I was asleep neither of the tones that are currently offered would have any chance of waking me up, and I’m a light sleeper lol


Hi @Taylorldn,

I’d recommend setting your motion notification settings to maximum sensitivity to make sure your Canary is sending an alert immediately on detecting motion. If the sensitivity is lowered, it may detect motion and start recording but not send an alert until the motion moves closer to the camera or moves across more of the frame.

If you’re still seeing significant delays after this, I’d recommend submitting a ticket to our support team. They can help you with digging into more specifics of why alerts might be taking longer to get to you.


Im in a process of buying one, do you guys mean the alarm wont go off until you manually press the alarm button? I was hoping this product can be set up to have the alarm triggered automatically by the motion sensor, esp if you are asleep at night, to deter the burglars.


At the moment the audible alarm on the device is only triggered when you press the button, however, you will receive a notification almost immediately when an incident occurs.


Thanks for the question @Edwinmj653. As @Zev said, motion detection is automatic, but we leave it up to the user as to how best to respond to the particular situation (e.g., use the one-touch access to emergency first responders, sound the siren, etc.).


I’ve had the same issue as another user above with notification delays of 1 minute or more after motion detection. After 40 minutes of troubleshooting via chat, I was told a 1-2 minute delay is normal. Are other people experiencing the same delay?


I would agree completely. A looping sound/noise triggered by the motion detection and then stopped by the end user would be more preferable. I would require a constant sound like an alarm clock to wake me and take notice of the potential intrusion. The default one note canary sound would never wake me or my partner from conventional sleep.