Alarm options request


I have 2 indoor Canary cameras. I don’t own a dog but I would like to see the option of having a big dog barking sound effect for the alarm. Police I know say that sound and the sound of a 12 gauge pump shotgun round being chambered scare perps more then anything


An interesting idea to have those as options. How often have you needed to use the siren?


I’ve only had my devices installed less than a week and haven’t even used the siren. I just thought the big dog bark would be a nice option. I’ve researched many motion activated dog barks online, but none offer a smart phone trigger

A big dog bark is definitely a proven deterrent

Randy Brienen


Neat idea! Are there any other sound effects you’d like to hear from your Canary instead of a siren?


Big dog should do it. As long as it sounds real and real angry

Randy Brienen


What about using an IFTTT recipe, or similar, to trigger your sound system to play that sound?