All-In-One stops recording while objects in motion


Our All-In-One will be in the middle of recording active motion and sounds, but then stops recording. Shortly afterwards the video continues as seen in the same timeline video. Kind in mind the recording doesn’t create a seperate video.
Keep in mind the motion type is random (not a ceiling fan), the motion and sounds are from people and it is constant, yet recording stops and starts as seen in the same timeline video playback. Sensitivity is on 10.
This has been a huge issue for us on many occasions now. For example when we use the all-in-one for 2 birthdays and our child’s first baby steps.

Why is this happening?


Would you be able to share a clip of this occurrence just to make sure I understand the issue you are having?


Hopefully you do not take offense to me pointing out a title, but I do not feel comfortable sharing our personal videos with a “community volunteer”.


No offense taken! In that case I’d suggest you Submit A Ticket directly to Canary so they can look at your specific issue