App crashes when tagging events


So, in the interest of continuing to support your algorithms, I continue to tag events each morning, from overnight. 98% of the 10 to 15 events each night are due to flying insects.

Meanwhile, I have been encountering instances of total app shutdown while saving tags. This first happened about two weeks ago, then no incidents for a couple days. In the past five days, the app has shut down once during each morning’s tagging session. For what its worth, I know when a shutdown will happen when the “saving tags” indicator (see screen print) continues to run for longer than about 10 seconds.

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Hi @Dave1,

I went ahead and moved this comment into a new post in case any other else is experiencing a similar issue.

Can you confirm that you’re running the newest version of the app on your iPad? Have you tried deleting the app completely, rebooting the iPad, then reinstalling?

Let me know if the problem persists after giving that a try!


My iPad is running App version 2.4.1, build 9775. I have not gone through the effort of deleting and replacing the app, since it has not been that much of a nuisance until recently. I’ll do so as time permits and report the results.


I reinstalled the app on my iPad yesterday and this morning I ran into the same problem. I just tried using my iPhone instead and the same thing happened. Other than this nuisance shutdown issue my AIO and two Flexes, as well as the other app functions, are working fine. So, I’m not going to worry about this for now. If I wasn’t tagging insect-triggered events every morning I would have few if any events to tag. So, if the app shutdown during tagging keeps happening, I’ll just stop tagging insect events.


@dave1, @angie,

I was just able to confirm this bug as well. This occurs on the latest public release on my iPad Pro 9.7’’ as well. I selected a random clip (for ref: April 21, 19:39) and tried to add two tags, the same wheel came up and then proceeded to crash the app.

I then repeated the process on a second clip from today and had the same thing occur. (Though the app crashes, it does appear that the tags stayed this time, (ref May 6, 15:59).

Angie, I am also sending you a follow up email in regards to this topic.