App should display local time at the camera's location


It would be great if the Canary app could display the local time at the location of the camera(s). I use my devices to monitor locations in another country and it would be convenient to see what the local time is at the remote location.


I agree. I set up a Canary and took a trip to another time zone and find it stupid that the app is adjusting the motion detected times to be my local time rather than those of the device (I have a couple of competing cameras (e.g. Nest) and they don’t do this.


Yes, this would help because often videos gathered together under one time in the timeline are not happening at the same time at all. There can be a lag of several minutes. At 1:05 PM, for example, the bedroom camera shows the dogs sleeping… another camera shows them playing in the yard. I put clocks in view so I can tell when it was actually recorded. Oh, and live view can also be delayed by several minutes. A superimposed time, with a seconds display so we can tell when the footage is frozen (it happens all the time) even though there is movement. Why arent those broken off to different clips?