Apple Watch improvements


When I recieve a a motion detection I get this…

in Livin room
Watch live
View in app

Why bookmark? I don’t know what it detected. And if I click “Watch live” - nothing happens. If I click “View in app” - nothing happens. Totally broken app :frowning:


When I recieve a motion detection I would like to see this when I turn my wrist…

And THEN I can swipe up to bookmark, view live feed etc.

Also it would be nice to be able to touch the image and then zoom into the image with the crown and move around with the finger.


Yeah, I am definitely a fan of these suggestions here. I know that loading that image could take a moment, but I would prefer the delay and have an image then no image and nothing to do with the information.

As for being able to move the image with the crown, that would be fantastic! Definitely would be a great addition!.

100% behind this idea!


I agree. I think the watch could be utilized way more!