Apple Watch Utilizing Geofence

Here’s the use case:

I as a user would like to go for a run or jog where I do not want to carry my phone. I would like my Apple Watch to trigger Away mode when outside of my geofence. The Canary App can be used to create a logic for this. An example would be if any device is outside of the geofence, Away mode would trigger on.

Hey @sfabay,

I did some research into this, and I am unsure if I can find any other apps that use this. Are you aware of any? My understanding is that geofence triggers are all associated to the iPhone itself. I understand the request, but I haven’t seen this in practice with any apps myself.

I love the idea if it is possible, and admit I don’t know enough about the developer restrictions here, but I haven’t been able to find any apps that allow this to work?

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to entertain this idea. So with the newer generation of Apple Watches that use an esim in addition to Wi-Fi, geolocating is a possibility. As of today, Apple’s own iCloud service has the ability to locate the Apple Watch provided that it is connected to some network. I haven’t found the specific API that Canary could hook into but with a little digging or with some collab with Apple, I’m fairly certain this can be done. And this would be one of the few IoT services out there that would feature this capability.

One other thing to consider here, and I believe it was a previous “ask”, was to tie into Apple’s Homekit API.