Are an iPhone and Android both compatible with the same Canary device?


I’m considering purchasing the Canary. I know it’s compatible with either Android or iPhone, but what I need to know is if one Canary device in my home would be able to work with both an Android & iPhone? Basically, can both types of phones use the Canary app features, such as the auto-activation/geo-fencing when we leave or return home? I have an iPhone & my spouse has an Android. Thanks!



You can give multiple people with either iOS or Android devices access to your Canary. On the iOS side, Canary supports iOS devices running iOS 8 and above. For Android, Canary supports devices running 4.1 and above. You would want to add your spouse as Member so they can log into their with their own login information. This will allow the geofencing feature to track your locations separately. Hope that helps!