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My wife and I bought our Canary as a baby monitor because the picture is so clear in night vision. Unfortunately, every half hour it stops and a pop up comes up saying “Are you still watching?” and we have to hit “Yes, I’m still watching” for it to continue to work.

Is there any way we can disable that? There’s no way we can use it while we try to sleep if it shuts off every half hour.

Thanks for any help!


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Hey there @melben,

At the moment there is no way to disable this, however I am moving this topic to our feature requests section so you and others can help improve Canary down the road

I too would love to see this be an option on both iOS and TvOS! I think it would be a valuable feature!


I’ve also purchased a Canary Flex (and received a Canary All-In-One as a gift) for baby monitoring and was very surprised when the “Are you still watching?” prompt appeared. I want to be able to set my iPad on its stand when I go to bed and have an uninterrupted live feed of audio and video from my daughter’s nursery—otherwise this product is pointless for me to even own.


We also purchased a canary to use as a baby monitor, and this feature makes it almost un-usable for that purpose. Really hoping you can find a way to disable the “are you still watching?” feature. Also, a web interface would be very helpful so we could use our laptop or work computers to access Canary.


Hi Canary!
Please take off the “Are you still watching?” mode so this could be used as a baby monitor. Sales people from department stores are selling this as a baby monitor. We have two of these and neither one can be used for it’s purchased purpose. Having a “baby monitor” mode would be great, but I’d be happy with removing the “Are you still watching?”. I see so much potential and I really believe in this product. Please don’t disappoint. Thank you!!!


I too invested in the Canary Home Security cameras and now have 3 AIO and 1 Flex which we purchased to use as a baby monitor. I see many recommendations which should take little to no time to fix for the growing community of Canary owners, this being one of them. I sadly continue to see many features be limited or pulled only to force owners to purchase memberships. Please Canary, listen to your customer base and make these functions available and functional to our needs.


Add my vote to address this limitation. A very silly “feature” to have in the first place for a security cam, and it would seem that this could be easily and quickly addressed. Thanks!


I have a Canary Flex watching my front door. I would also like to use an old iPad as a device to monitor the front door, but this prompt prevents me from doing that. Also, the Canary app should automatically start up in rotated mode when the iPad is on its side. Having to manually rotate to portrait mode, then landscape every time you launch the app is not convenient.


Is this feature request in the works? I owned canary cameras and just purchased a third for a baby monitor. I’m very disappointed to learn about the “are you still watching?” promtp. I need to have the audio and video on all night.


This obviously isn’t going to be addressed. I put a ticket in a few months ago about this limitation and I see this has been addressed last year and haven’t been changed…I SEE AN ARLO PRO 2 coming soon. Just too many problems with this. From this issue to the 2 minute delays before being notified of a motion event


Is there a way to keep live stream on indefinitely? I want to be able to view my outside continuously but after a while it asks me am I still viewing it and I have to click yes to restart the time.


Hey @roecityryder, I have merged your topic with an existing post on this topic. At this time there is no way to disable this.


ABSOLUTELY!!! How USELESS!!! TRY IcSee it HAS MOST of the features requested here, AND Cams WITH PAN & TILT (which work MUCH BETTER than Hubble etc) are available on eBay for $35 or so!!!

-Snap a picture/vid live? YEAH!
-STAY ON CONTINUOUSLY WITHOUT any annoying msg. & Stop… ? … YEP!!
-see what’s in view some AFTER DARK? YEP, that too: still seeing far for about an hour after Canary is black.

  • All this & much MORE.
    -AND …PAN & TILT-- with a SWEEP across or up/down the screen!!

But I’ve STILL GOT 2 Canarys AND still use them, wishing for ALL the above!:blush::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


My father has a terminal illness that requires us to watch him 24 hours / 7 days a week.
He is in hospice and we bought this camera to enable us to do so. “Are you still watching”
defeats this purpose and we are unable to watch him remotely.

Please understand this is a critical feature that is lacking in the device. Please advise if there
is any QUICK plan to address this or not.

Thank you


Please fix this, please. If we are not watching, we would turn it off. Its not a movie.

Even if we are not directly watching, even in passing, or if we hear something we go to the monitor, we end up with this horrendous notice and have to start it again. No fun, hard to use.

WHY do the camera’s have to continually reset themselves? Are they doing more of a photo capture and sending the photo captures to the monitor and then reset and capture more. So far its a big question.

Thank you,
Robyn S.


There is zero monetary benefit for Canary to do this, so they won’t. It is never about what is best for the customer with them. They act like there is no competition providing better devices and cheaper (free) service. Weird.