Auto/Manual Mode Switching Issue


I have two locations at one address, one inside and one outside. The inside location is set to auto-mode switching “on” and the outside location is set to auto-mode switching “off”. We have two iPhone 6 users controlling the locations and both are setup the same way. The outside location sometimes shows that we are home (it seems to be auto-mode switching) and the same happens for the inside location. I want to keep the outside location always set to “away” and the inside location auto-mode switching to reflect when we are actually home or away. How can I achieve this goal?


Hi @mimdesign,

Your problem is caused by having two locations at the same address and likely within the same geofence. The Canary system is designed in a way that it does lot allow a user to be in two locations at the same time (like real life :slight_smile:). The app is getting confused as to which location you and the other user is in and in turn is causing your auto-mode switching issues.

To correct this problem you will want to consolidate your devices into a single location with auto-mode switching on. You can then adjust your mode setting of that location to set device specific behavior. For example, the device which was assigned to the outside location with auto-mode switching “off” and always set to “away” can be achieved be setting the behavior of that device to always record and send notifications when home. You can then set the behavior of your other inside device to not record - all within the same location.

You can contact our support team to have your devices consolidated into one location. They can also help make sure your mode settings are configured to achieve the behavior you are looking for.

Hope that helps.



Hi Dave,

Thank you for the quick reply! I should have stated that I have five Canaries…3 Canary models and 2 Canary Flex models. The Flex models are the ones that I have outside which I always want set to “away”.

I have figured out a work around that is not so great, but it makes my wife happy to not be getting alerts all of the time. My work around was to have our “inside” location address be set automatically through Location Services on the iPhone and have our “outside” location address be set manually. I then located our “outside” location to a field just outside of our property line. Now when we are “home” the “inside” location stays “home” and does not auto-switch to “away” while moving around the house.


Hi @mimdesign,

I see, yes moving the outside geofence far away from your other location is a clever workaround. Still the ideal way to do this would be to put all 5 devices in one location and configure individual device mode settings. However, this would mean upgrading to Canary Membership to be able to add more then 4 devices to a location.