Automatic siren

Would it be possible to set the siren to go off automatically with motion that passes a certain thereshold? When going on vacation, I’m not always connected to the Internet and would like to know that a siren would go off in case of break in while I’m away.


To me its most obvious progression of your all in one home security system. However would need to include automatic alarm trigger vs manual trigger is Canary currently requires.

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Hey @Hughly741,

Great idea! I am not sure I would personally use it as I have a pet and my neighbors would hate it if she set off the alarm!

If it was to go off automatically, is there a certain action that should be triggered for you to know that it has gone off? I feel like a simply iOS or Android notification message might not be enough when a loud siren is going off at my home… What do you think?

I would say that the same notification message would be sufficient. If you don’t have any pets, an empty house shouldn’t trigger a motion activated alarm. That said, the point of the siren is to ‘scare away’ potential burglars. I therefore think that 45-60 seconds of alarm would be sufficient then the siren would turn itself off. If the siren hasn’t scared away intruders by then, they would likely have been able to disable the siren.


I think that makes a lot of sense! Nice idea!

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Any idea if this is in the works for a future update? I like the idea of Canary but can’t buy a system if it won’t deter breaking when I am on vacation and my phone is on silent/in an area without signal.

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The siren should sound automatically when motion is detected in away and night modes in addition to sending a notification. It should sound until you acknowledge the notification to cancell the siren. If it goes off while you are sleeping you may not hear your devices notification, but you can’t miss hearing the siren. Other systems have a pet mode that I assume tracks the size of the pet so they do not set off the alarm. A flying insect set ours off but it passed directly in front of the lens and our sensitivity is pretty high.

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Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize there was a mode the basically took care of my concern. When I contacted the sales folks they told me that there was no way to make the alarm go off automatically, it always had to be initiated following a phone notification. Knowing that it’s possible, I think I’ll get a Canary now :slight_smile:

To clarify, the siren on the device will NOT sound automatically if motion is detected. The siren will only activate if you manually activate from within the app. You can set it to a mode that will send a notification to your phone if motion is detected, but the siren cannot be set to activate automatically. Sorry for any confusion on this!

Okay, so the away and night modes do not set the siren to sound automatically?
Thanks for clarifying, both myself and a friend who I have been talking to about this were about to buy a system today. Thanks for clearing this up.

This seems like a really easy software fix, though. Let me know when you guys decode to add that feature.

That is correct, these modes will send you notifications to your device, but they will not automatically sound the siren. Currently that functionality is unavailable.

I know the reason for not including an automatic siren but that’s really what I’m looking for. I really like this device but I opted for a couple of D-Link devices instead to get that functionality. A phone notification is useless if I sleep through it and even if I woke up a burglar could be in my bedroom before I had a chance to activate the alarm.

I may check back periodically to see if this feature has been added. If so, I might decide to switch.

I completely agree with this, at very minimum in night mode (although still useful in away mode, perhaps with a limited time frame like mentioned above). I don’t like the idea of sleeping through the short notification as someone breaks into my house. Even then, say I wake up, they could be in my room before I sound the siren.

I think an automatic siren is the best solution however, another wish I have is a longer Canary notification, such as a ring instead of a one-and-done tone. I have slept through plenty of notifications or missed notifications when in louder environments away from home.

I loved the idea of avoiding paying ADT or another security company, but I have to say I don’t feel completely safe without an auto alarm. Cool that I can turn in a video to the police if something happens when i’m away. But what if I am home?

I feel this is necessary and was surprised to find it not a base feature.
Notifications will not wake me up if I am sleeping when someone is wandering through my home.

Please, please add.
I could not recommend this product without it.


There should be a user variable pause between detection and siren sounding to ensure some footage is taken before intruder discovers unit and smashes it.

Hi All,

I agree that we are in dire need of this feature. What use is the motion detection if you are not alerted of an intruder? It’s very easy to miss a notification on your phone. It would be great to have the option of having the siren triggered immediately when motion is detected, and it could then be silenced on your phone. This would provide you with essential time to protect your family in the event of an intruder and alert the necessary security company of the danger.

Alternatively, advice on connecting a third party siren to provide this functionality would be great.