Automatic switch to home mode after manual switch to away mode


Hi there!

Sometimes members at home forget to switch their mobile on when they leave the house. So I have to manually switch on the away mode.
If another member being on away mode gets home first he goes on home mode, but Canary stays on away and the member gets filmed.
Is there any reason why this happens? Or: can there be a change in Canary’s behaviour in that case? Can understand that the member forgetting to switch on the phone might get filmed, but persons getting home when Canary is on away mode should automatically switch the device to home mode …


Hi @Martin107,

If the Canary isn’t switching into Home mode when one of the Location members gets home, chances are the app isn’t able to detect that member’s location properly. I’d start by checking out the suggestions in this Help Center article:

Why doesn’t Canary know when I am Home or Away?

If those suggestions don’t help, we’ll need more personal details about which member is having the issue, when they should have been detected as arriving, etc. I’d recommend submitting a ticket at that point so we can work with you more closely.

Hope that helps!


Don’t get me wrong. There are only problems when switching on away manually AND the member being in home mode stays offline. When the member switches on his phone when away the system switches him to away and all works properly once the first member comes home.
If that member stays offline, other members coming home will make no change on the systems status.
Not sure if I explained everything clearly …


Let me see if I can regurgitate the scenario here…

-Member 1 is at home. Canary knows member 1 is at home but member1’s phone is off.
-Member 1 leaves the house - Canary does not detect member 1 has left as the phone is off
-Martin107 (hereon admin) knows that member 1 has left the house and manually sets Canary to away mode

-Time passes.

-Meanwhile member 2 is away, mobile is on, Canary knows member 2 is away.
-Member 2 comes home, Canary detects member 2 is home (with little home icon on the member picture?)
-Canary stays in away mode and films member 2 - but only when “admin” has manually set away mode from the previous situation.

Did I capture that right?

I THINK I’ve had this happen as well, but with subtle differences in the scenario that I don’t remember.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. :trophy:

When member 1 switches the phone on while being away, the system detects that and the home icon is being put to member 1’s icon.
Regardless who comes home in this case, the system switches of automatically.

But it does not happen when one or more phones stay offline. The system does not switch to home mode regardless who is getting home (either if the person itself is in home or away mode).

… ah, and if I remember it correctly it does not make any difference in my case. So, as the person manually switching to away mode the system does not automatically switch to home mode when I get home.

So it seems this scenario only depends on people leaving the house offline and staying offline …

Summing it all up: It seems that the automatic switch only works for the FIRST person coming in general without taking into consideration if the system is on away mode. I think the system should switch to home mode for EVERY person coming home when being in away mode, regardless if switched on manually.
So, I am quite sure it is no geofencing problem with one or more of the user’s phones. It is more the need of a change in the device’s behaviour for those cases.