Basic Plan and Membership Updates


How to kill your company.

The detail is covered very well here and on Trust Pilot.

Canary had a strong client base of IT literate and intelligent customers. I bought on the recommendation of an IT security professional and had no hesitation in recommending to others.

The initial decision to change the service under our feet was a bad one but the spin from the CEO is frankly insulting - promising “new” features which don’t go anywhere near restoring the service we evaluated and purchased.

The Canary USP has gone, but more importantly so has the trust.


Perhaps I am completely missing it, but I do not see where I can DM you. My position is similar to Scott’s. I am potentially interested in the new plan option if I can bring myself to decide to repurchase my equipment. I also no longer have the promo code that was sent out when the changes first took effect and would like to see what options may be available if I decide to give this another shot.


Hey @ironexecutioner - I’ll follow up with you.



Well said. I just bought this hype and the membership but the camera and membership is garbage even if I put in a promo code to cut the 9.99 fee in half. They need make a camera that justifies it’s high price point.