Battery not lasting with Flex


I cant seem to get my battery in my Flex to last longer than 21 days. I have it set up in the back yard and have had no alerts or video recording during that 21 days. This really is a pain due to the fact that I have to get my ladder out every 21 days to charge. I have been on the phone with support before my return period and they assured me it was due to the fact that I am using an Apple Airport Extreme router and they are having battery issues when connected to one. Well, now Im out of my return period and Im stuck with the Flex. My Flex is approximately 10ft from the router and there is a window between the two and I know Im getting good wifi signal. What more can I do?


I too have been having this issue. My flex cameras both only lasted about a week. They’re a little farther away than 10ft and I have a good Asus router that they’re connected to. Most of the time they go offline. Support has said they ping my flex cameras at 0.50mbps upload speed. When I hold my phone next to the camera and do I got 31mbps upload speeds at both locations. Lol still going back and forth and tomorrow is my last day of full refund return period.


@AudiS4 @ThisGuy03 Battery life depends on usage, how much motion activity is in the area, the temperature, and your Wi-Fi router/environment. The most recent firmware update 1.0.5 has some fixes around improved battery readings and device performance. Firmware updates are usually rolled out over the course of one or two weeks. You can verify what firmware version you are running by following the instructions here and if you are not on 1.0.5 you can submit a request with our support team to push an update to that device. The device should continue to improve with each subsequent update.


Well I just submitted a request to push the update to my Flex. Like I said I have no motion alerts in those 21 days. I do get an occasional offline notice, probably 3 times in the 21 days I can keep it charged. Thanks for your response.


@AudiS4 Great to hear! In regards to you stating the device has not detected motion I am curious about a few things.

As far as device placement goes how high up do you have the device?
What type of motion is it missing?
Have you tested the device in a closed indoor environment on battery?

There needs to be enough of a heat signature crossing into the screen to tell the device to “wake up” so information about the type motion and placement is key here. PIR sensor’s detect all the heat energy that we dissipate so if there is not heat energy emitted the device would not activate.


Sorry I wasn’t more specific. I do get motion alerts when I walk out in front of it. What I meant was there is nothing going on out back of my house to trigger a motion alert. I just basically use it for security due to me having a slider and window out back. I wasn’t expecting many motion alerts at all and being on battery power I don’t really want any alerts unless there is someone walking around out there.

I wouldn’t even think about a Flex in frint of my home due to many, many alerts and having to recharge the battery all of the time.

Thanks for the quick replies and suggestions!