Be able to rotate image 90, 180, 270 degrees


We mounted the cameras from the ceiling and the image is upside down when we view it from the app. We need a way to flip the image otherwise the cameras isn’t much good to us.

Rotating image for Canary flex
Using the Flex outside
How is the company doing (Canary)?



Agreed! This seems like very basic functionality; I’m surprised it’s not already a feature.


same–we just got a canary and a canary flex to monitor our front door but the image for the flex is sideways.






+1, too!


I’m pretty surprised I haven’t head back from Canary yet about this, these cameras will need to be returned if we can’t get this working.


Hi @ChrisN! Great thought. We actually have been talking about this a bit. Quick question for everyone here. Do you mount your Flex device at 90 or 270 degrees or is it only necessary to flip the video for devices hung upside down?


Hi all - in addition to @michael’s question, it would be super cool to see some photos of how you have your Flex mounted. Please post here if you are willing to share!



I need to install my Canary Flex’s in a specific way to monitor a walkway. Not just “upside down”.

You might consider adding a property to a device’s profile, to rotate the image for presentation (+90, -90, 180, flip, none)


I just install my Flex and was shocked NO rotation, Crazy. That is basic!



Mine are mounted like that as well, that upside down mount.


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I would like to mount mine upside down so a camera rotation of 180 degrees would be great.


I totally agree! BIG +1


So can we get an ETA on this feature? It’s clearly essential and right now our camera’s we bought are basically useless. They also aren’t lasting the 1-2 months on battery like I was told they would by whoever responds to facebook questions from your team, but that’s another story.

ETA for image rotation?


Hi @ChrisN,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I can’t currently confirm any kind of ETA on adding this feature into the app. We understand it’s something many people are interested in, but user interest is only one of many factors we have to consider when choosing what features to add and how to prioritize those additions. We’ll definitely continue reading everyone’s comments and taking them into consideration.

As for the battery life issues, I would suggest submitting a ticket to our support team so they can help you look into this problem.


Having the same issue - need to hang it from the ceiling and angle it down. Like everyone else, images show up as being upside down. I need a quick fix, or I will have to change over to the new Arlo Pros.