Be able to rotate image 90, 180, 270 degrees


So can we get an ETA on this feature? It’s clearly essential and right now our camera’s we bought are basically useless. They also aren’t lasting the 1-2 months on battery like I was told they would by whoever responds to facebook questions from your team, but that’s another story.

ETA for image rotation?


Hi @ChrisN,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I can’t currently confirm any kind of ETA on adding this feature into the app. We understand it’s something many people are interested in, but user interest is only one of many factors we have to consider when choosing what features to add and how to prioritize those additions. We’ll definitely continue reading everyone’s comments and taking them into consideration.

As for the battery life issues, I would suggest submitting a ticket to our support team so they can help you look into this problem.


Having the same issue - need to hang it from the ceiling and angle it down. Like everyone else, images show up as being upside down. I need a quick fix, or I will have to change over to the new Arlo Pros.


Thanks to everyone who has posted feedback, suggestions, and pictures on this topic. This is indeed something we are looking into, but as @angie said we don’t have a definitive ETA on our ability to deliver this feature.

I want to take a moment to provide a little more context about why this unfortunately isn’t as simple as just flipping the image in the video.

PIR Motion Sensor
When operating in battery mode, Canary Flex uses a PIR motion sensor to detect activity and wake up the video recording system. Our PIR activity algorithms are optimized for rightside-up placement of the Canary Flex, and modification might be needed in order to achieve acceptable performance when the device is sideways or upside-down.

As the light in the scene changes, Canary Flex automatically adjusts the exposure level of the video image for a clearer picture. The auto-exposure algorithm weights some regions of the camera’s field-of-view more heavily than others in making this calculation, and that algorithm may have to be adjusted for sideways or upside-down devices.

App Experience for Timeline and Watch Live video
Currently our video experience in the apps is based around landscape video. Supporting 90° and 270° rotation involves updating our user interface and experience across phones, tablets, and Apple TV for both Timeline and Watch Live. We want to deliver the best app experience possible for our customers and optimize for these views, and that takes time.

I hope that you find this additional information useful.



I appreciate the update and as an app developer myself I can completely understand the situation you are in. Hopefully this can be resolved before the end of the year. It’s interesting to know the motion sensor and auto exposure don’t work as well when the cameras are mounted sideways or upside-down. That actually explains why they stopped working as well when we mounted them compared to when I was testing them when they were just sitting right side up on the desk.

What I would really like to see is either a partial refund or a significant coupon on our next purchase, it would be a nice show of good will for the many of us dealing with this issue. I think it’s fair to say that this is a feature most of us expected would be a default since most other manufactures (all other even?) allow for mounting at different angles.


@andy that’s really good information to know, thanks for sharing that!

Are these effects strong enough that users would definitely notice a difference in performance or is it a change in optimization of a lesser amount that might just make for errors from time to time?

Either way, I think this is important info that should be noted on the page or on a detailed specs sheet which I had suggested previously.

As for the app experience, I understand how the vertical could be a problem, so even if those two options were removed, I think it could be very helpful to some people.


@Zev - that’s exactly what we need to figure out!


I was told as far as the battery life it would depend on how much activity the camera spots and stays alert if it’s pretty constant then the battery is gone in about a week or so but that’s why I had to purchase an extension cable to be able to keep my canary plugged in all the time and I just hope that the cords are weather proof as well?


Any update on this feature request? I’m looking to get a flex in addition to my indoor all in one, but want to mount it in the storm porch above the front door which would make it upside down. If that’s going to mean the device is less effective (and the picture is upside down!) then I’ll hold off.


I am curious as well as to an ETA on this feature, seems like it has been in the hopper for a while.


We gave up on ours and our cameras are basically just for show. Deeply regret buying these cameras. I’d recommend going with a different company if you have the opportunity to return them.


I guess my confusion is that @andy is saying the physical device may have some performance issues if mounted upside down. But people are already doing that so at least give them the ability to view the image right side up in the app with a disclosure that it may not perform as well as expected, I think the cat is out of the bag as far as preventing any unexpected mounting issues. I do find it somewhat confusion to see advertising with the camera mounted all over the yard, in trees and in strange spots in a house and nobody thought about it hanging upside down, it actually seems the best way to mount it in many cases. Just sayin…


Couldn’t agree more.


Desperately need this !


This is another vote for being able to rotate footage…I literally just mounted the camera under the soffit of the house and realized there is no option to tell the software to rotate the image. Technically it still meets my needs but it would be better if this (seemingly) simple feature was added.


+1 I have two cameras mounted upside down. This is a must where there is no available wall space (kitchen with floor o ceiling cabinets) or to clear an obstruction.


Yes! I.e., portrait mode. Upside down would be great. I have mine pointing at stairs, but the motion sensor doesn’t read motion until a person is near the top of the stairs. It needs to read motion before that! The only way for that to happen is to mount it upside down. The Flex also needs a lock connector, like on Windows laptops. (I tried to add a feature request, but maybe i’m too new to this forum?)


Flip can be down after image processing. In playback not storage.


It has performance issues mounted right side up. I’m not sure this makes sense.


It’s been 10 months. Will this feature be added? I have 2 all and 3 flex.

Man small annoyances add up. And I’m a paying member.