Be able to rotate image 90, 180, 270 degrees


Didn’t realize I commented on this in February, sure would be nice to have it. What gives Canary?


Thank you Chris N! One of mine hangs from an eve upside down. So 180° would be fab.

One other is mounted sideways. But I have the canary sorta tilted upright. So like 30° could be helpful but certainly not necessary.


Image rotation gives Canary flex more options for outdoor placement (Ceilings). With this added function, flex can be mounted upside down in outdoor metal Ceilings instead of drilling holes on the sidings or walls.


Hey @kghimire,

I am going to merge your topic with another similar feature request to keep these ideas together. Thanks for your feedback!


@Zev thats a great idea. Thanks for posting the link to the merged topic. Super helpful.


And this topic is still talked about with no fix, what a let down.


I ended up just making an L bracket and mounting it that way. Doesn’t look pretty, but it gets the job done.


They could at least make the housing magnetic on both ends so you can mount the camera either way. And design an adapter for those of us who have the older version


I’m actually pretty impressed there isn’t a solution to this yet. Where the flex is touted as a “mount anywhere, 360°” option, it’s amazing there isn’t even the simplest of rotation options for video viewing in the 90° increments.

I was stoked to get my flex and mount it from an overhang.

If you can’t get it changed on the software side (which should be incredibly easy), then you should fix it on the manufacturing side where the lens can be rotated by the user.

If it weren’t so common that phones didn’t auto rotate, I could just hold it upside down and watch the inverted video, but this seems to exemplify the ease with which video play can be rotated…


This is needed functionality and such a basic to all cameras out there. I have to deal with a upside down view until Canary decide to add this in to the interface. There is no other option as I mounted to the crew on a bottom of the Flex in to the dome enclosure I have attached to my house. Sad thing is that screw is on the bottom, like what ware they thinking?? I tied also with a rubber jacket and cable tie accessory and that thing doesn’t hold it in place.


Seriously? This thread was opened almost 2 years ago. Just purchased my 4th canary camera and I am disappointed to find that rotation isn’t an option. I seriously debated on a competing product, but chose the Flex to keep them all under the same system/app from a management perspective. Terrible that this hasn’t been resolved yet.


Why limit yourself to only one flip. Cover all your (our) bases, 90, 180, 270.


For mounting to a ceiling, I found a solution that works well
Here is what I purchased on Amazon to get around the ceiling mount:

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Very creative and cool solution!