Become a Canary Community Moderator


Hearing how our community uses and interacts with Canary is one of the favorite parts of our jobs, and it’s why we love the small but burgeoning Canary Community so much. We want to do everything we can to make these boards as constructive and helpful as possible for our users—and having real Canary users moderate the community is one way we hope to do that.

While Canary employees regularly read and contribute to the community, we’re looking for more user moderators to help us run these boards and make them a great place to discuss all things Canary.

With your passion for Canary’s products helping to guide constructive, thoughtful discussion and our input to help with technical questions or concerns, we think we can make the community a great place to be—and ultimately, be a source from which our team can draw inspiration and ideas to help improve the Canary product and experience.

Starting now, we’re looking for moderators to help run the Canary Community.

From our moderators, we expect:

  • A positive attitude, and constructive contribution to the Canary Community
  • An exerted effort to help community users with problems or questions they may have
  • At least 60 visits to the community and 10 posts every 30 days
  • Adherence to our community guidelines
  • Basic moderation input (merging of duplicate threads/moving of off topic threads to appropriate categories.)
  • Edit postings when necessary so that they conform to the forum’s content guidelines

Canary Community Moderators receive:

  • Canary Membership for as long as they are an active moderator per the guidelines above.
  • A new Canary device every 2 years of moderatorship.
  • A special care package from Canary including t-shirts, stickers, and a note from the Canary team.
  • Quarterly Q&A Google Hangouts with the Canary Community team and key members of Canary Product, Design, and/or Engineering teams
  • First access to news about Canary product updates and roadmap, and access to the Canary Beta program.
  • Sample units of each Canary device (contingent on >6 months of moderatorship).

Moderator Guidelines:

  • Be respectful of all members, each other, and represent your forum with professionalism
  • Be discreet and maintain confidentiality regarding moderator activities and member information
  • Consider member feelings before hitting the submit button, both in public forums and private
  • Deleting member posts should be done only after conferring with the forum admin or other moderators
  • Resign from moderator duties if there is a breach of confidentiality or the code of conduct is not followed

If you’re interested in being a Canary Community moderator—just fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.