Blue pairing light never flashes


I bought a Canary for a relative for Christmas and it would not complete set up, the unit would never flash the blue light to indicate pairing. Support was unable to help. So I ordered a 2nd unit with the intent of returning the first unit. The 2nd unit got past the pairing and got as far as asking for the WiFi password but then locked up and never completed the setup. Now when the canary app is started on the phone it tries to pair the device with the phone but again the blue light never flashes. Canary does not answer support emails, chats or SMS in any sort of timely manner. I think I’m pretty much stuck without options except to return both units unless anyone has overcome this issue but i have not seen any posting that would indicate they have.



Hey! Because of the holidays there’s likely a delay from Support. But your best bet will be to wait for a reply on the ticket that you submitted.


Hello, I have encountered the same problem! I just recently purchased an All-In-One, View, and 3 Flexes. The All-In-One set up with no issues, however the View is doing exactly as you described for me…no blue light, no nothing. I have done everything I could find, reset. restart. reboot apps and devices, and nothing. I have also sent Customer Support a message through the App about 72 hours ago, and through email 24 hours ago, and still have not heard back. Starting to get a little frustrated…it’s a shame because the reason I chose Canary was for the simplistic set-up and it being supposedly user friendly. It would be nice if the Support team was more “supportive”.
Any luck with your device since?


Hello @jdavison2112 and @bearfan620,

Thanks for brining these issues to our attention and sorry to hear about the delay in response from support. As Zev mentioned we do have a bit of a backlog in tickets that has increased the time it takes to get a reply to email support. We do also offer live support via Chat and SMS. More information on getting in contact with support through those mediums can be found here.

I’ll be sending both of you a DM so I can also gather some more information and make sure we get these issues resolved.

Thanks for your patience.



Hi Sean,

Thanks for the reply! I spoke with Maggie from your team this morning via chat, and she gave me some things to try when I get home this evening…such as unplug the router for 5 minutes. Hopefully it works, I will be in touch!



No sadly both units I ordered were deemed defective by support finally. I had to return them, I did not order another because I have no confidence the product actually works now.

I do have canary all in one and while the set up is never easy once it is up and running it works great, the view just seems to not work out of the box and if you read through here many others have this issue and have to return the defective units as well.

I hope you have better luck than me!


So sorry to hear that you had that experience, it’s unlike one I have had but I totally understand. If you do decide to try again, we hope to have you back here!


UPDATE: I returned the Canary over a month ago and they still have not credited my account, nor have they answered either of the 2 emails I sent asking for an update.


Hey @jdavison2112, I am tagging @maciej to help you out here. Where did you originally purchase your Canary from? If it was not directly from Canary you may wish to talk to that retailer directly.


Hello @jdavison2112,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and I sincerely apologize for the delay in your refund being processed. I can confirm that the refund has been processed and should be reflected in your account in the next 3-5 days.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can assist with.



Thank you very much!

Jeff Davison