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Is there any way to bulk-delete unwanted videos? I’d like to select multiple videos at a time and delete them all at once. At the very least, it would be quicker if there was a way to delete a video directly from within the timeline view rather than having to tap on the video, tap the 3-dot ellipses, tap delete, and confirm delete. Deleting from within the timeline view could at least remove one of the four taps it currently takes to delete a video.


Deleting previous videos from your phone

Hey @RobbW,

There’s no option currently to bulk delete videos. There’s not typically any need to delete a video unless it contains something sensitive as older videos will automatically roll off your Timeline either at the 30 day point or within 24 hours or less if you’re a free user. Deleting videos will permanently delete them from our servers with no chance of recovery, so we don’t necessarily want you to accidentally delete something important when bulk deleting an entire day for example.

All that said, we definitely would love to hear your thoughts on this. Are there other situations where you think having a bulk delete option would be important or useful?


Definitely need a bulk delete option.

With so many false-positives, the timeline gets easily cluttered with unnecessary videos. Being able to delete multiple videos at once - or at the very least, reduce the amount of Taps required to delete a video - Tap the Video, Tap Delete, Tap Confirm Delete - this is extremely tedious when trying to cleaning up your timeline of captured video.

Sure all videos eventually roll off and delete, but there may a handful of actual videos I want to keep around - not necessarily store forever( ie download), but reference again and the false-positive videos just clutter that up. Easily removing these - even a simple Swipe To Delete function to triage the videos more quickly would be appreciated, if not a bulk delete. Just something to reduce the amount of friction & taps it currently takes.


Hey @copey and @RobbW,

I’ve gone ahead and moved your comments into a new Feature Request thread since it seems like something more people might be interested in and have feedback on.


A simple “Swipe Left” and then “Delete” like many emails are deleted would
be fantastic.


I can relate to the current situation: video rolls of automatically, no need for a mass delete option for users like myself. A simpler delete like the swipe-left-to-delete interaction would make it easier though.


Okay, I’m going to change my request from the “bulk delete” option to the “swipe left” option as proposed by @stellarjim and @erik. That would be much easier. I just want a way to quikly and easily remove videos from my timeline that I know I no longer want. I don’t need those clogging up my timeline until they drop off 30 days later.


Hi, folks.

I’d like to see a bulk delete option. Like email, the feature might work like this: tap several videos, and then have the trash can icon appear to delete.


I can’t tell you how many times I work late, and I have 15 or 20 videos that “alert” me to my being in my office. I know I am there already! :slight_smile:

It’s hardly convenient to go into the app and set it to private every time I’m going to work late. Frankly, I don’t have the muscle memory to go into the app every time I work late to set this.

Before you tell me that I can set location based features, I’ve already tried that. Even have a couple of tickets with Support about how to fix it. No Joy.

The location based features don’t work very well when the home office (aka 2nd camera, same location) is an outbuilding on the same property address as the house. For some reason, it just doesn’t work. So that option isn’t viable.

If there was a wifi or bluetooth “smart” option that would allow me to automatically set the Private mode, when in range of the Canary unit, that would be a viable option.

The goal is to reduce the # of video files being stored and easier management of the data.

I cannot tell you how much of a PITA it is to have to select one video at a time and then tap delete. Then repeat that for EVERY video in my time line for days or weeks. It’s untenable.

I get that Canary can’t recover videos that are deleted. That’s fine. I am a big boy and understand the ramifications of deleting my video files. I promise not to call and ask you to recover them. :slight_smile:

Please consider adding this feature, or offer alternative methods to be able to set Private mode so videos are not recording when I in the same location/proximity as the Canary unit(s).



This option needs to be implemented. I have called and requested this several times over the past year and a half. I am an adult and I will accept responsibility if I delete a video I shouldn’t have. The arduous task of having to complete 4 steps in order to delete 1 video is mind-numbingly painful. The options to bulk delete as well as swipe to delete individual videos is a must! Also, why isn’t this option incorporated into the website account? I can log in to see my videos but I can’t manipulate them in any way? Just doesn’t make sense.


I agree with everyone something needs to be done I have mine set up in the living room so I often fall aslee with the tv on and there are tons of videos to delete!!! A simple swipe would be just right and maybe an archive within your app to get it off the time line and go back to the archive if you accidentally deleted something and a clear archive button. And a “are you sure want to clear archive prompt “ I’m totally annoyed deleting al these videos right now


@Crashfire07 in the interim have you considered creating a mask over your TV so it doesn’t trigger any recordings?



Is there a way to retrieve video no longer in your timeline? I thought I bookmarked the videos, but apparaently I didn’t. It is about 4 days past the 30 day mark.


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Unfortunately there is not, once an event has left your time line past the 30-days it cannot be restored.


I totally agree there needs to be a way to delete multiple videos.


people are asking for it. there is a need. don’t presume that the only scenario footage needs to be deleted is because it contains something sensitive. the current process for deleting video is too slow and cumbersome.