Bulk delete events

A simple “Swipe Left” and then “Delete” like many emails are deleted would
be fantastic.


I can relate to the current situation: video rolls of automatically, no need for a mass delete option for users like myself. A simpler delete like the swipe-left-to-delete interaction would make it easier though.

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Okay, I’m going to change my request from the “bulk delete” option to the “swipe left” option as proposed by @stellarjim and @erik. That would be much easier. I just want a way to quikly and easily remove videos from my timeline that I know I no longer want. I don’t need those clogging up my timeline until they drop off 30 days later.


Hi, folks.

I’d like to see a bulk delete option. Like email, the feature might work like this: tap several videos, and then have the trash can icon appear to delete.


I can’t tell you how many times I work late, and I have 15 or 20 videos that “alert” me to my being in my office. I know I am there already! :slight_smile:

It’s hardly convenient to go into the app and set it to private every time I’m going to work late. Frankly, I don’t have the muscle memory to go into the app every time I work late to set this.

Before you tell me that I can set location based features, I’ve already tried that. Even have a couple of tickets with Support about how to fix it. No Joy.

The location based features don’t work very well when the home office (aka 2nd camera, same location) is an outbuilding on the same property address as the house. For some reason, it just doesn’t work. So that option isn’t viable.

If there was a wifi or bluetooth “smart” option that would allow me to automatically set the Private mode, when in range of the Canary unit, that would be a viable option.

The goal is to reduce the # of video files being stored and easier management of the data.

I cannot tell you how much of a PITA it is to have to select one video at a time and then tap delete. Then repeat that for EVERY video in my time line for days or weeks. It’s untenable.

I get that Canary can’t recover videos that are deleted. That’s fine. I am a big boy and understand the ramifications of deleting my video files. I promise not to call and ask you to recover them. :slight_smile:

Please consider adding this feature, or offer alternative methods to be able to set Private mode so videos are not recording when I in the same location/proximity as the Canary unit(s).


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This option needs to be implemented. I have called and requested this several times over the past year and a half. I am an adult and I will accept responsibility if I delete a video I shouldn’t have. The arduous task of having to complete 4 steps in order to delete 1 video is mind-numbingly painful. The options to bulk delete as well as swipe to delete individual videos is a must! Also, why isn’t this option incorporated into the website account? I can log in to see my videos but I can’t manipulate them in any way? Just doesn’t make sense.

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I agree with everyone something needs to be done I have mine set up in the living room so I often fall aslee with the tv on and there are tons of videos to delete!!! A simple swipe would be just right and maybe an archive within your app to get it off the time line and go back to the archive if you accidentally deleted something and a clear archive button. And a “are you sure want to clear archive prompt “ I’m totally annoyed deleting al these videos right now

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@Crashfire07 in the interim have you considered creating a mask over your TV so it doesn’t trigger any recordings?


Is there a way to retrieve video no longer in your timeline? I thought I bookmarked the videos, but apparaently I didn’t. It is about 4 days past the 30 day mark.

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Unfortunately there is not, once an event has left your time line past the 30-days it cannot be restored.

I totally agree there needs to be a way to delete multiple videos.


people are asking for it. there is a need. don’t presume that the only scenario footage needs to be deleted is because it contains something sensitive. the current process for deleting video is too slow and cumbersome.

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Agreed. Sometimes I talk crap and so I want the video deleted. lol

This arduous process of deleting videos is getting old. Canary has had enough feedback to already have remedied the problem. Have they given consideration to the issue?
I’m considering not renewing my membership so as not to have so many vids to delete as they will disappear automatically with free usage.
Just think, can save $$ and hassle at same time.

Agree, there should be a way to delete videos.
This should be software 101, come on canary, it’s been two years and you can’t fix the “light” complaint, I wonder how long it will take for this simple fix?:disappointed:

I would also like to be able to delete my videos without having to go through so many cumbersome steps. “Swipe Left” to delete would be perfect. I do not believe your server needs to retain the videos I delete.

This is the same answer Canary gave me when i asked for the same feature a year ago. Almost word for word. With so many people asking for this feature… is it possible that there IS a need for this feature and Canary developers are just being willfully deaf to the requests of customers?

It would be great to be able to delete multiple videos at once. I have ceiling fans and they can cause a lot of video. I mask them but they still trigger the cameras quite a bit.

Hey @Buckshot, I agree this would be a great feature to have! I’ve moved your post to an existing feature request topic on this!

I need a bulk delete option. Slide delete would certainly be better than the current situation, but I still want bulk delete. Sometimes the away function doesn’t work properly, and I get days of video of myself and family. On a single day, there can be dozens upon dozens of unwanted videos. I can’t put in words how annoying it is to have to delete each one individually. It almost makes me wish I was a free user so at least there would only be one day to deal with. If you appreciate you’re paying customers, that is something to consider.

Example: Select “delete all videos for Wednesday 99/99/99”. “You have selected bulk delete for 99/99/99, are you sure?” Give options: 1) Yes, delete, I have reviewed them and want to remove them, 2) Yes, delete, Canary away function malfunctioned and these videos are unwanted, 3) No, do not delete.