Camera not picking up anything


I have two Canary Flex cameras-
Both purchased within the last week. I’m finding that motion detection is horrible at best and it’s extremely disappointing. The first camera is about 8 feet off the ground pointed directly at my front door. The camera does not pick up on any activity. Major problem!
The second camera completely missed the delivery from the FedEx guy which is pretty concerning. He literally walked inches from the camera!
I’m on the verge of returning both cameras- pretty surprised at the Lack of performance.

Both cameras show a hi wifi signal.
Also one of the cameras continues to go offline.

Please advise on what can be done to Improve performance. The wifi connection has been fine. I’m running the most recent version of the firmware and app.


Hi @Bsmall,

Thank you for sharing your experience, and I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had so much difficulty with your Flex recording motion. I’d recommend trying the suggestions in this Help Center article to try and improve the motion detection:

How does Flex detect motion when on battery?

If this doesn’t help resolve your issue, please open a ticket with our support team and they’d be happy to help investigate this issue with you.