Can link up to it's IP to get video? A web page on it?

The device serial number is part of it’s mac address and with that could find it’s IP. I went to it but says “This site can’t be reached” What will happen if I don’t renew my membership? I scan all the parts and it says “All 1000 scanned ports on c100g1628580.lan ( are closed”

I guess just can’t use it if I don’t pay and on the box it says “No contract/monthly fee” so why don’t you update it so can at lest go to it’s ip to see a video and get other info like the temp and air with a web-page on your LAN.

I know on your server it cost so have to charge $ but should make it so we can use are own server.

I guess will just buy like a 8 camera security system that comes with a box with a hard drive to record on it and just can go to it’s IP to look and save the videos so it don’t have to go out the to the WWW to pay for a membership. It cost about as much as this one device for a system 8 camera security system.

-Raymond Day