Can you purchase an outdoor sign?


Our neighborhood has many security systems and they all have signs to ward intruders.
You have little paper stickers . Cab I purchase a sign like the expensive systems?


Hi @chuck12351,

We don’t currently have yard signs available, but that’s a great suggestion! Do you have ideas of how you’d like that to look or what kind of signage or stickers you’d want available for purchase?


You should design it , but don’t make it to cute. Something that will deter
intruders and advertise your product.


“Property monitored by Canary” [cute bird logo here]


“Canary is watching.” with a graphic of an eye.

(I do design sometimes. Will barter for equipment. :slight_smile: )


My flex never came with any additional security stickers, and it should have. I did ask for them your twitter help feed, but nothing has ever come it. Am I ok get get my own made with your logo if you’re nothing to be offering them?