Canary AIO connectivity issues/ request


January of this year i opened an email request to canary support with connectivity issues with My AIO on wireless.

my home setup is a 2 port Pfsense router> 8 port UBNT switch to a UBNT LR AP configured with 2 SSID’s one is 5ghz which my 4 Canary Flex’s connect to; no connectivity issues on 5ghz. and a 2.4ghz SSID which the AIO was connected to initially because i ran out of ports on the original switch… AIO on 2.4ghz went offline constantly… i purchased the 8 port and plugged in the Canary AIO. i continued having the SAME exact issue hardwired.

after much troubleshooting. i found the AIO was still working ONLY on wireless. i opened the App deleted the AIO. and reconfigured it on LAN. it STILL connected on wireless only. the lights were blinking on the router and AIO. but data still went across the wireless.

the end fix was i opened the UBNT controller and actually blocked the mac address of the AIO. and that forced the traffic to go over the network connection. my issue is fully resolved.

please either change the APP or hardware device so when it is plugged in. it turns OFF the wireless connection. i get daily reports of a blocked wireless connection on my network. the AIO continues to try to connect wireless all day long. that is causing unnecessary wireless interference with it scanning all day and night long…

i hope you consider this request


This seems like a very specific use case but one that should definitely be considered. Thank you for taking the time to write with such great detail so that this can be considered by the back end.


here are attachments showing the device plugged into ethernet. also configured to Ethernet by the app. but the device will not disconnect from my wireless. AND continues to scan and cause wireless performance issues on 2.4 ghz frequencies

please note the top picture indicates the device AIO is blocked by the controller.
picture 2. shows it continually is blocked. thousands of times. proving it is still scanning trying to connect