Canary AIO says I'm not home - but I am!

My Canary app just recently can not seem to know that I am home (same for my wife’s phone app). We are home but it keeps saying wear are not. So every time we go past the camera a notice pops up saying someone is in our house! Very irritating.

I have had this issue before and know all the steps to be sure wi-fi is on and location services are active, etc. Is there a known bug or a recent release that is causing this?

Hey @BobD,

If you take a look there is a server side issue that is currently persisting. You can check the status at

Update - Currently, a few users are still experiencing difficulties impacting password resets, mode changes and updates to their settings. Our engineering team is working tirelessly on a solution for those experiencing the issue. Our heartfelt apologies from the team at Canary.

Thanks for the update.

According to the service status page at the issues have been resolved. However I am still having the same issues with mode switching and detecting when I’m at home. Attempting to switch mode manually brings up a message saying, ‘Oops! Access denied’. After failing to resolve this problem via a support chat, Canary suggested I should buy a new one (with a small discount) as it is out of warranty! This seems quite incredible to me, given that their own well documented service issue, which has not been fixed, appears to have caused the problem. And they expect me to pay to fix it?!?!

I Also am still having issues! Currently I just unplug it until I need it which actually will be starting tomorrow. Mine does recognize when people are home or not and says it is in the correct mode, but it still sends out notices(video) of people being home when it should ignore that and only send notices when we are away.
For them to tell you to buy another is incredible!