Canary all in 1 turning itself off? after boot


Just installed 3rd canary.

managed to get unit paired.
On the app it shows "image preview unavailable"
when i check device, it appears to be turned off (no lights, no IR illumination (in a dark room)

when I re-power it… steady white light about 30 seconds, flashes white light about 30 seconds and seem to click itself off.


Other 2 canaries are working fine.

submitted trouble tickets but hoping for faster response here.
thank you.


Hi @rolling18,

Based on what you’re describing, it sounds like this Canary may be set to private. The flashing white light would be it connecting to your network, then the lights off would be when it switches to private.

If you tap the button on the bottom left corner of the app’s home screen and choose “Away mode,” does the light turn on and stay a steady white? Make sure the “set to private” toggle is shut off.


Yes that was the case.
Thank you.