Canary All-in-One, Canary Flex, Canary View - 4.0.0 Release Notes

Hey @JayTheBearded, as mentioned above, you’ll need to Submit A Ticket to have then do this.

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Hey there,

One Canary received the update, the other did not. Should I just wait? Or should both have come at the same time?


They are staggered for devices, not accounts. The other one should be updated soon.

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Ridiculous, STILL no Apple HomKit support even though Apple now does software based HomeKit authentication!!! Whatever happened to Canary Plus anyhow?!


When will we see Canary All In One support open standards, such as ONVIF, RTSP HTML5?

I want to connect with it using 3rd party software, such as SecuritySpy on Mac.

Upgrade to 4.0 Flex Has issues . I Have 2, 1 will not charge and the other will not go to night vision . Has yellow screen and no picture. Also it shows no WYFI , but it is connected. Somebody please reload firmware. They worked perfect until upgrade Please HELP

How do I go back to Previous firmware untill issues are resolved.

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out, we definitely want to assist with getting your Flex devices working properly again. If you haven’t already, I would recommend contacting our support team via one of the methods detailed here. We’re not aware of any current issues with the firmware, but in the case the devices do need to be downgraded they will be able to assist.


Has there been any issues with 4.0.0 release re canary flex going offline as soon as it goes on battery / wont wake up? If it is plugged in there are no issues.

We’re not aware of any widespread issues causing what you are describing on the recent firmware. If you haven’t already, I would recommend contacting our support team via one of the methods detailed here.

Thanks Sean. I had already submitted a support ticket. Waiting for a reply.

Once I updated my latest app it messed up my video… It will not let me see live videos from either one of my canary devices now. Do you know how to fix this?

Hey @Lizie
Can you confirm which version of the app you are using at this time and what version of your operating system you are running on your device?

If it is iOS 12, make sure you have the latest release of the Canary App.

Good afternoon, I just charged a canary flex that wasn’t being used for quite a while due to a bad power cord. Would you be able to initiate a firmware update?

Hey @kennyj!

I just pushed out the 4.0.0 firmware update to your Canary Flex. While I was doing that I also noticed that you had some duplicate locations on your account. This can cause some issues with geofencing, and I’d recommend getting them removed for the best experience. You can find the steps on how to do this below.


Any word on the next firmware update?


Can somebody please update my canary flex, I followed what Noll Griffin from Canary customer service told me to do but it still wont update firmware. Can someone please update it for me?

I notice that one of my Canary All-in-One cameras is running firmware 5.1.1. What does it offer over firmware 4.0.0 please? Many thanks.

Where are v5 firmware change-logs?

Hello all,

Apologies for the delay in posting the recent firmware release notes. I’ve just created a new topic with the details that can be found here: Canary Pro, Canary Flex, Canary View - 5.0.0 and 5.1.x Release Notes