Canary All-In-One, Canary View, and Canary Flex firmware 3.0.0/3.0.1 release notes


All Canary Flex devices will be updated to firmware version 3.0.0. Canary All-in-One and Canary View devices will be updated to firmware version 3.0.1. Firmware updates are staggered for security reasons, so devices will be updated over the course of the next two weeks.

Version 3.0.0/3.0.1 includes:

  • Support for Person Detection
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.0.1 was released for Canary All-in-One on March 1 and for Canary View on March 8. It contains some adjustments to motion detection sensitivity.


Is the firmware update a possible explanation for why my Canary AIO has gone to “Device Offline” mode until reset each of the past 2 days with a solid white light in the base when it does so? My AIO is still at firmware 2.2.1.

Is it possible to provide a list of the “various bug fixes and stability improvements” to help users determine if functionality issues they may be experiencing have been addressed by firmware update version 3.0.0?


Hey @kayakerca,

It sounds like your device might have gotten disturbed mid-update. Can you reach out directly to Canary’s support team with your email address on your Canary account and they can look directly at the device and get you over to the 3.0.0 firmware.

You can do that by Submitting A Ticket directly to them.


How do you turn person detection off? It is convinced that my cat is a person, so I’m getting notifications all day long.


Thanks Zev. I’ve submitted a ticket now. Happened again last night. It was offline with a solid white light and was still like that this morning so I cycled the power to clear it. I have it about a week and hopefully this offline/solid white light is associated with a failed firmware update (hopefully support will respond with a solution). I am seriously wanting this Canary AIO to be an improvement over my Piper units or at least their equal. Still waiting to see if that will be the case.


How many hours does it take for the AIO to take the 3.0.0 update? Mine has been at it for hours and I have to wonder if it has “hung”. Is there any way to force it to take the update?


Hey @kayakerca, for me it generally occurs in the background within an hour. If yours has been going for some time it may have had an issue.

I would suggest try restarting the device (easiest way is going to be to unplug the device, wait about 10 seconds, and plug it back in). If that doesn’t help get it back to where it should be Submit A Ticket to Canary directly with your account email and device information and they should be able to give you a hand.

Hope that helps!


It’s been 3 weeks and my 30 day return period is about to expire (I hope the place I bought it from has that). Not a single issue has been resolved by numerous tickets. I think its about time for me to get my money back and move on.l


Same. I set mine to the lowest sensitivity and it’s still going off all day long. My fiancé turned the notifications off because it was so bad. I’m on the verge of doing the same but it defeats the purpose of having the Canary. Not sure what else I can do.


Hi @ToyzRUsKid1976 and @riskingdisaster

Thanks so much for your feedback. We are continually looking at motion sensitivity on our end and may lower it to make notifications more meaningful and accurate.

In the meantime, you can apply a mask on your Canary All-in-One to ignore areas that cause unwanted video. Flex Masking support is on our radar.

We’re also working on additional customization options that are coming soon to let you tailor the experience to your particular use case and environment.

Thank you


Same here too. Notifications of my cats throughout the night (in night mode). My setting is set to one. It’s become quite annoying.


Very frustrated with this release. Although my Flex works great, my All-in-one units (4 of them) are online but not showing home health, not able to live stream, not sending notifications. Prior to them freezing in this state, I was able to get live person notifications, which is very cool. I also like the indication of where activity was noted (yellow square). I am using the devices remotely to monitor and the advice I get from support has to do with physically rebooting the units, which I cannot do. I tried to refresh the signal from the router several times, but it has no effect. Is there a way to ping the devices from your side to determine why they are not working? Again, the 2 Flex units are behaving, my Amazon Alexa is operational, it’s just the 4 All In One units that are not functioning, although they do appear to be online. Can you help?


Hi @Skippy,

From the back-end, it looks like the units are back online. Very sorry for any inconvenience.



How can you be so sure your cat is NOT a person? Maybe the canary is smarter than we anticipated.