Canary All-In-One firmware 1.4.5 release notes


Starting today, Canary All-In-One devices will be updated to firmware version 1.4.5. Firmware updates are staggered for security reasons, so devices will be updated over the course of this week and next.

Version 1.4.5 includes:

  • Support for Masking (requires app 2.5.0 or above)
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements


How do I get the canary to do the firmware update? Mine is still at 1.4.4


Hi @badbl,

As long as your Canary is online when the update is released, it will automatically receive the new firmware update. If you miss one, you can always open a ticket with our support team and they can get push the update out to you. I’ve gone ahead and updated your Canary so you’re all up to date now :slight_smile:


Thanks Angie - We were in our RV heading to the Grand Canyon and had the canary on board with us so it did not get updated. Thanks for such a quick response! Have a great day


Hi, yesterday my Canary updated firmware to 2.0 according to the app. I can’t find info on this update, so is it a bug of some sort? It also stopped detecting motion after the update. Thanks in advance


Hi @cnr,

Version 2.0.0 has begun to roll out to some Canary All-In-One units, and release notes are coming soon.

There shouldn’t be any impact in terms of motion detection, so I’d suggest you please file a ticket about the issue you are experiencing.