Canary All-In-One firmware 1.9.9/2.0.0 release notes


Canary All-In-One devices will be updated to firmware version 2.0.0. Firmware updates are staggered for security reasons, so devices will be updated over the course of the next few weeks. This is a multi-stage firmware update, so customers may also see version 1.9.9 installed during the rollout period.

Version 1.9.9 includes:

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.0.0 includes:

  • Support for optimized Watch Live that delivers true, real-time viewing (requires app version 2.7.0 or higher)
  • Support for two-way Canary Talk (requires app version 2.7.0 or higher)

Firmware not current

Great to hear! Thanks!


Anyway to force the update?


Hi @Ron,

Firmware updates are staggered for this release and unfortunately can’t be forced. Keep checking your firmware version in the app to see if you have 2.0.0. Thanks for your patience!



Thanks. We have been waiting for these features for so long, excited to try them out. Thanks. Ron


Hi so I want to be sure I’m clear so the 2-way talk i snow available but not activated for customers? Also, you’re saying that the update will be sent in staggered waves so that some will have it sooner than others and if that’s the case how long will this stagger take and when will EVERYONE have this feature available to use?

Lastly, for this desktop are you saying that I am able to log on to my computer desktop and what my home?


@ProcGirl Yes. You’re absolutely correct. Starting today, support for Canary Talk and improved Watch Live will begin rolling out to all Canary All-in-One devices. We expect the overwhelming majority of Canary All-in-One devices to have support for these features by the end of the week. An active Membership subscription is required to use the Canary Talk, but all users will have the added value of improved Watch Live.

The Canary web app experience for desktop streaming is live already for all Canary Membership subscribers. You can stream live video of your home on the web and access your 30-day full video history. Head over to and login to try it out!


Will there be a similar firmware update for Canary Flex to enable the improved Watch Live feature now and Canary Talk feature at a later date?


Hi there @CanaryUser , there will be similar firmware improvements happening for the Flex in September. This will improve the Watch Live feature for all while providing Canary Talk to those with Membership.


Thank you for the quick response. Keep up the great work!

Love the new features, btw


Just some feedback, but the rollout of Two Way Talk has been very confusing. The email referred to the original Canary (simply referred to as Canary on your website) as an “All in One” for the first time. I didn’t know what you were talking about at first, until I saw one of your marketing slogans for it was “an all in one security solution.”

Then your email said Two Way Talk was available with app version 2.7.0, but it didn’t say I needed to have firmware 1.9.9 or that firmware was being released slowly and I could do nothing to update it. I spent a ton of time restarting my apps and devices, searching the internet, searching your help archives, until I finally found this discussion which answered my questions.

It would have been helpful if you’d been more clear about all that upfront or waited until you were finished with the firmware rollout to make the official announcement.


Just wanted to let you know that the Canary team is making me very happy with these announcements today! Especially the two-way talk feature. That is something I’ve wanted for a long time and will need once my daughters start school back up later this week. This new feature is arriving just in the nick of time for me!!!


Hey @jonanscher,

Sorry that you had trouble with the firmware update and that it wasn’t clear for you in the update. If you give it a little more time it should roll out to you soon! People have been getting the firmware updates all day long.

My apologies for any difficulty you had. I have tagged @maciej.szelazek to suggest that the announcement have a note added to it while the firmware is being rolled out.


Hi, I have just ordered the canary all in 1 but have been concerned to hear so many reviews criticizing the lag on the ‘live’ video. So if this solves that it sounds great. Does this apply to all countries including UK? Has this improvement been obtained by installing some European servers to reduce the lag or is this purely a software improvement?

Does this help address the issues I see on forums about issues conencting to the live stream when travelling in other countries where the ping to virginia servers exceeds 180ms?

Finally, have these improvements come at the detriment of the free plan, as I thought this included full functionality for the 24 hours but now I notice a sneaky change to 10 second preview clips only. This seems very harsh - if on the free plan I get burgled but my motion alert is artificially constrained and I cannot download the clip of the break-in to my camera roll without a premium sub? That feature cut right there basically cripples the device for non-fee paying customers.

thanks David


Just posted a question on firmware updates. So both my devices one at 1.9.9 the other at 1.4.5 should be updated to 2.0 soon?


@berndap Yes. that is correct. I know your question was already answered but firmware updates are always staggered over a period of days or weeks. We expect the overwhelming majority of all Canary All-in-One devices to have support for these features by the end of the week on 8/18. So please update the Canary app to v2.7.0 continue to check in throughout this week.


From a technical standpoint I understand the reasoning for your staggered release of the firmware updates, but from a customer service standpoint it would be nice if you could atleast alert us once the firmware is updated rather than us having to randomly check through out the day. Or atleast have a rhyme or reason as to which devices get the firmware updates first, etc. so we aren’t all sitting in the dark.

People are eager for your product updates and I just feel like a different approach to rolling them out could be advantageous for your team


People are happy about the new 2-way audio feature until we find out that we have to pay for the 2 way audio feature. Total fail on Canary’s part. Your price model is way too high especially for someone who owns 7 of your devices.


I understand Canary is a company, they have bills to pay and margins promised to investors to maintain. But is a sorry comparison table for people who have already paid $200 for hardware. I have a multiple devices and the subscription cost I’m being quoted to use the new features is highly amusing.


@davidro We’ve re-built Watch Live from the ground up to be faster and now have the stream adjust quality based on connection to our servers. Throughout testing, our external UK beta customers have consistently reported much more real-time streams. I will be personally interested in these discussions moving forward with customers experiences on the new WL service.

Our free plan still offers substantive features that our competitors’ have put behind paywalls; activity zones, customizable sensitivity settings for motion alerts, and 24 hour video history (up to 4 devices per location) aren’t available for free from some of the biggest names out there. Our product roadmap is really guided by our dedication to offering effective security for everyone on our free plan. You can still bookmark clips indefinitely in the Canary app, respond to notifications immediately by watching live and contacting emergency services, and you can always record events from your timeline with screen capturing software (e.g. Quicktime) if necessary.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can clarify anything further.