Canary All-In-One firmware 1.9.9/2.0.0 release notes


@davidro UK user here. Can confirm that Watch Live is a great improvement. The lag time is negligible ~1 second. The quality does seem to a dipped, slightly, but it’s still very clear. Fingers crossed that the Flex firmware update is a similar improvement and wake from sleep, is at least more reliable if not quicker.


Great suggestion! I’d be happy to personally pass along this feedback to our Product team. Currently, after Canary successfully updates it’s firmware an event on your timeline is shown, but there is no way via the Canary app to allow for notifications of these firmware related events.


Thanks for the replies. Watch live sounds promising and I’ll be able to test when my device finally arrived ok Thursday (I ordered this on amazon prime day and it’s been back ordered since early July!!).

Question re the free plan - what happens to a bookmark after 24 hours - presumably not then much use! And how can you use QuickTime screen capture if the desktop viewer is also behind the paywall?

Still seems a huge backward step for the free plan (and I didn’t even get my device to try the old one as the delay was so long!)

Regards david


Or even an email confirming it is done would be an option, just trying to help! :wink:


Bookmarks allow you to save a Video Event to your Timeline indefinitely, so there is no expiration and won’t take up any storage space on your smartphone. Screen capture is a different story, in the simplest terms if you are a iPhone / Mac user you can plug in your mobile into your machine and easily use quicktime to capture your screen. Android allows you to record your screen through a few different methods. The easiest is to download an app with screen recording features. If you have any trouble moving forward feel free to post a topic in community and we can all help.


Totally agree - bought 2 with false advertisement really. “built in 2 way audio”. More like “its built in but we don’t have firmware”.

Few months later i was happy to hear they are finally getting the audio but was again lied to by saying we need to pay more. Another lack of words/false advertisement. Will not recommend this camera to anyone, especially because of the new crazy lag. Takes like 20 seconds to load live watch even if I’m in the same room of the canary. There are so many other competitors with everything included, free.


Just checked the firmware versions on my two AIOs, and they have both finally been updated to the 2.0 firmware. My iPhone app is also updated to the 2.7 version. I have been testing the two-way talk feature with my wife, who is working from home today, and my older daughter, who just got home from her first day of school. Here are some of my thoughts/opinions:

  1. The resolution/video quality is significantly reduced! Prior to firmware v2.00, the video quality on my iPhone’s screen looked like an HD-quality video. Unfortunately, after the firmware upgrade, the video quality on my iPhone’s screen looks more like that of an old, outdated webcam (i.e. not an HD cam).

  2. When you use the two-way talk feature, the video quality degrades even further. In fact, the picture becomes significantly pixelated.

  3. I will say that the delay in the live video stream has been significantly reduced. It’s nearly negligible now, as far as I can tell with the back-and-forth interaction I had with my wife while testing the two-way talk.

  4. The lag/delay with starting the “Watch Live” stream or switching between cameras is still significant. In fact, it appears to have possibly gotten worse. While testing it out this afternoon with my wife at home, there were two occasions when the live stream wouldn’t even start after switching between cameras. It just sat there with the little circle spinning. I had to force-close the app and reopen it to get it to work again.

  5. Constantly having to press/hold the mic button while talking and then waiting for the Canary to beep when you are finished is annoying!!! My wife and daughter would try to respond to me, and I would miss half of what they were saying because of the delay in the two-way audio. They would start responding before the beep signaled that I was finished talking. It was very similar to videos you can watch of NASA trying to communicate with astronauts in the International Space Station. One person would talk, and the other person would have to patiently wait for them to finish and then wait for the beep and then wait another second before responding. This two-way talk feature should use a full duplex audio function. People on both ends should be able to talk back and forth at the same time. It should perform more similar to a FaceTime session on an iPhone or any other two-way video app on a smartphone. Also, I should only have to tap the mic button once to turn on a two-way talk session, and it should stay in that mode until I tap the mic button again to turn off the two-way session.

I will continue playing with and testing my updated Canary AIOs and the updated app. I will post more insight if I come across anything else.


Hey @RobbW, I experienced this too, but for me unplugging the AIO and re-plugging it back in fixed it. Would you mind giving that a try and let me know if it works. Want to confirm with Canary if it does solve the issue for you as well.


Comments from me…

AIO connected using 2.4G band on router connected to a glass connection 350 down, 40 up, iOS app on iPhone.

For me video quality on my AIO on v2.0 is the same as before, no significant difference at all, which is great.

AIO live view startup time is significantly less now. 2-3 seconds max (great job Canary)

When using two way talk, the latency is at most 1 second, again great job Canary, this is actually better than your competition now! Also when using this feature, i noticed no degradation in video stream quality whatsoever.

I think the two way talk implementation works great… well for me anyway, no problems at all.

Now all you need to do is solve the last elephant in the room :wink: Get the Flex working the same, and you will have a lot of happy customers.

Regarding the subscription for the extra services, i went right ahead and subscribed. I was a free use customer, and happy being such while these features were unavailable. I think some users are being unfair expecting every advancement in the service and premium feature to also be included in the free to use service. Look at some of the competitors and you get way more in the Canary eco-system both for free and as a premium subscriber, so i had no problem whatsoever paying up now that you have started to deliver on your promises… I think its only fair :wink:

Great job guys and girls.


Hi when flex will receive update



The update for the Canary Flex is planned for next month, September.


Ok so confused because I have the 2 way talk on my older canary but it doesn’t work on my Flex and that was the main ones they said it would work on? Why isn’t it working on that?

Also, can you think about treating the talk button like the siren button as you don’t have to hold the siren button down for it to go off you hit it the sirens start, you hit it again and the siren stops? Having to hold down the talk button constantly while you take is a bit annoying.


Hi @ProcGirl,

For the time being two-way audio is only available for Canary All-in-One, but we will release it for Canary Flex as well in September. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

That is great feedback. I’m going to go ahead and move your other post about this to our Feature Request board so we can see if other users feel the same way.


ok so are you sure it’s September and not another long wait? I don’t get why it wasn’t able to be done all at the same time?