Canary - All-In-One - Issue with live streaming



I’ve been experiencing this issue since I bought my Canary 3 months ago.
When trying to watch the live stream on my IPhone 7 it takes about 15 seconds to load then you see about 2 seconds of footage then it drops again. The only way to get a constant stream is to wait until it loads and then zoom in quickly. As long as you keep your fingers on the screen and zoomed in it will run fine! Once you let go it cuts out and re-loads.

At first I thought it must be an issue with my slow broadband speed so I’ve just upgraded to Fibre and I’m getting 50mb down and 15mb up over wifi so that cant be the problem. Its the same on the other phone I’ve tried and also it makes no difference if you try to stream on the same network or from home on my BT Fibre connection.

Please can someone help as its really annoying!

Thanks Niall.


Hey Niall,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your Canary. Here are a few articles that should help explain what you are experiencing. Generally speaking this error happens when your connection to Canary’s servers are weak, this could be due to your ISP (though in your case it does not appear to be) or it could be do to your distance from Canary’s servers. To check this, follow the steps outlined in these articles.

Unfortunately, if your connection to the servers is slow due to your ping or speed to those servers, Watch Live will continue to cause issues, however, you should still have no problems with recording events that occur to your timeline.


I am having the same issue. I have two AIOs, one in my living room and one in my kitchen. Trying to watch the live stream on my phone is an exercise in futility. It takes forever for the streams to start. Currently, my living room stream takes about 10 seconds to start, and my kitchen stream doesn’t start at all. The screen just sits there spinning the wheel all day long.

If I watch the live streams on my PC, I can start watching them within just a few seconds on both AIOs. However, the streams are significantly delayed from real time; at least 30+ seconds delayed. This is very annoying.


Hi there,

I’m using 3 canary devices know. In my previous post I stated that I get lot’s of stuttering when watching live footage streaming on my Canary App on my iPhone 6 model. But I also noticing quite some stuttering when using my Canary apron my Apple TV model, the previous model before the latest 4K Apple TV.

However, when I look at the recorded history clips that has been stored when detecting movement and play those then there is no stuttering, it only occurs when accessing live footage.
This makes me think that the upload to your servers for recording clips are done perfectly since I don’t see any stuttering when watching already automatically recorded footage….

This stuttering also actors when watching live footage on the webbrowser.

So overal, recording footage and watching recorded footage back afterwards is fine, but all the live footage is not working properly. Please help me out here to figure out what the problem is here.

I read in there above reply that “distance” from Canary server to my server could be the problem, but I didn’t;t had this issue before so that would be strange.

I also have a brilliant fast =connection up and download wifi speed, tested it on all devices so that can’t be the issue either… I’m talking about 355 bit download and 54 Mbit upload


My experience is not the same as @asimov’s. I do experience stuttering even when watching the recorded video. For example, there is a recorded video from yesterday morning where my family and I are eating breakfast in our kitchen. The video clip is 5 minutes long. At the beginning of the clip, my wife and I are standing in the kitchen while my younger daughter is eating at the kitchen table. My wife and I are moving around the kitchen doing ordinary things. About 15-20 seconds into the video clip, my wife instantly vanishes from the video, and I somehow jump from standing on one side of the room to standing on the other side of the room.

This happens all the time in my recorded videos. There will be constant fluid motion and activity. Yet, for some reason, the video will hiccup and jerk and seemingly cut to later in the scene where the same activity is occurring. It seems like several seconds of intervening activity just get cut from the recording for no apparent reason; all the time!


Dont mean to resurrect an old post, but this is very similar to what Im experiencing.

I have a significant lag when trying to view any video live. Originally I was using Wifi over the 5G connection. I have a 400 mbps connection, so Im sure my internet is not a problem. I thought it perhaps my WiFi, so I switched to Ethernet for connecting the Canary to the Router. My computer connects via WiFi. Im still getting a 45 second lag, even though Im literally 15 feet from my router. Im not sure what else I can try. Could it be some weird setting on my router? I’ll see if I can find a long ethernet cable I can try hooking my PC to my router that way.


Could anyone at Canary please come up with a reply for the reactions as stated here above? I’m really curious if there is a solution for all of this?



Why is there always a 30-second delay between watching live via my iPhone and watching live via the web app? I currently have the “Watch Live” view going on both my phone and my Chrome browser on my PC. The live view on the PC is always exactly 30 seconds delayed from anything that happens on my iPhone.

The other weird thing is that there is lots of stuttering, pixelation, dropouts, and ghosting when watching the live stream on my iPhone. However, when that exact same scene finally shows up on my PC 30 seconds later, the video is smooth and stable without any issues.

Why is there a delay and video quality issues between my iPhone and my PC live views?


Hi @RobbW,

The Watch Live in the mobile app uses an adaptive video quality technology that prioritizes minimizing the delay from real time. The web app uses an older video delivery technology that prioritizes quality over real-time delay.

Prior to the rollout of our new and improved Watch Live last summer, all Canary live video used the older technology, but the mobile apps have since moved to the newer implementation.

So far, browser compatibility issues have prevented us from rolling out the newer implementation in the web app, but it’s definitely something we’re looking into.



I also have this problem. The delay is too long to be of use because by the time the delivery man shows on my screen he’s already left a note and gone with my parcel. The whole point of live streaming is I can see the delivery man etc.


PS to confirm, speed is fine on my phone but not on my desktop, but defeats the point of buying a subscription. Luckily I only bought one month!


I have been having this problem for over a day now. On all 3 of my Canary devices I cannot access a live view. Almost like the system is down


Hey @Schpeen, are you running a beta software OS? If so you might want to take a look at this post: