Canary All-in-One motion detection Range become Short


Hi all …

I’ve been using canary about 7 months, during that time the motion detection can always detect movement range about 8 meters, whether day or night. And setting level sesitivity only in level 2. but this past month, I get my canary is not so sensitive in detecting movement. It takes less than 4meter distance for the canary to detect movement even after I make the sensitivity setting at the maximum level of 10. and sometimes it takes 3 meters distance to detect movement during the day.

i never move canary position in living room. Wifi connection speed also the same. And I always update the latest firmware.

I have uninstalled the software and downloaded it again. Also turn off and turn the canary back on. But still the detection range can not be returned as it was when I first bought it.

Does anyone experience something like my canary? Please advise.




Hi @jack577,

Thanks for reaching out, that sounds very frustrating. It’s difficult to say what exactly might be causing this without more details about the placement of your Canary and network setup. I’d recommend opening a ticket with our support team including screenshots of the Canary’s view in Watch Live and details about your ISP and network. This will allow them to investigate more closely into what could be causing these problems.