Canary All-In-One Security camera ceiling mount


Hey everyone,

Hope all is well with your in-home security systems. I do however have a conundrum. I would like to mount my All-In-One security camera in my basement, mostly to keep an eye on my pups and kids to make sure they’re not destroying the furniture. I’ve been looking at trying to find a good shelf or mount that would secure the security camera so that it wouldn’t be in the way, yet get the best view of the entire room. I’ve looked and canary doesn’t make any accessories like this, they do for the flex which is great but I don’t want to lose the functionality of the siren if I decide I need it to provide my pups or kids a little ‘wakeup call’. Has anyone found a quality mount that I could attach to a drop ceiling? I’m considering finding a local metal fabricator and providing the dimensions of the all-in-one system and having them fabricate a stand/clamp that’ll allow me to easily attach it to my ceiling but I’m not really wanting to shell out that kind of money for the design,cost of labor, and parts. Any input is greatly appreciated and if you have any suggestions I’d love links to the vendor and possibly a picture or two of how you have your all-in-one mounted to the ceiling

#2, as far as I am aware, Canary doesn’t make anything like that for the AIO (the flex would be more ideal for this type of setup). That said… Something like a Maffer clamp: or a C clamp of some form: (gotta check the dimensions on these) might work to give you something to mount to… Then use a scissor clamp to mount to the drop ceiling:

None of this should be taken as a pro idea - I am simply taking from what I know in film production and bringing it over. You might also need some other components. but something like this I would imagine could work.

As for getting something custom made, you probably could, but it’s most likely cheaper to just buy a Canary Flex: