Canary and Google Assistant


We’re proud to announce that Canary now works with Google Assistant and is available to all users. You can check your HomeHealth information on the Canary all-in-one, or the battery life on your Canary Flex, simply by asking your Google Assistant. You can learn more details about how to use Google Assistant with Canary on our blog.

Ok Google, talk to Canary.


I suppose being able to arm and disarm the canary by voice and view the video recordings / watch the live stream by voice using Chromecast are the ones. All using multi user voice support - so the canary cannot be compromised.


I bought my Canary in an Apple Store but you’re integrating Google Assistant before HomeKit and Siri integration… (and maybe Homekit are not in you plan?) By the way, I will never share my Home Health data with Google!